Moxnoz identity


Creation of the brand in 1999 in NY, designed by Mamedy SANGARE, its creator.
While visiting the historic neighborhoods of the past heavy as Harlem, and being challenged by an urban culture rooted in the phenomenon hip hop, soul and jazz, carried by New Yorkers of all nationalities, as MŌXNOZ brand meaning "osmosis "emerged.
Mamedy SANGARE wants to import through his trademark mix of cultures and worlds. The very welcoming with open arms diversity. After living several months in New York, he was inspired by the vibrant neighborhoods: Harlem, Brooklyn, Manhattan ... Dance, Music and the Arts New York conquered. This aroused in him the desire to innovate, to found his own label.
In 2010, he affixes the logo "elephant" in MŌXNOZ UNION, FORCE DIVERSITY / MIXED are put forward, through the symbol of the elephant, the brand founded its own values.
His greatest wish is to bring the public around a common focal point UNIVERSE MŌXNOZ: an urban environment that brings together people from all walks of assuming that "UNION MAKES STRENGTH."

For all lifestyles

Both chic and casual, the brand offers collections worked around the New York universe. By adding a French touch, it comes from the mix of "seeing" American-printed and French sophistication. With these ingredients the creator and his designers / design team draw collections that affect everyone. The more discreet to the most eccentric.
Rap, Hip-Hop, Soul, Jazz, Pop, Rock, Electro ... Mōxnoz is brewing between different musical genres. The creative team tends to develop collections can be worn in a style as much as Rap Rock, as Soul Jazz, Hip-hop as much as Pop / Electronic! Imagine collections that follow the musical tastes and own artistic currents to each culture.

Open-minded ...

Why not combine the arts?
Why not break the codes?
Why not make fun of cultural differences?
Dream or utopia?
The brand is partnering with artists who transmit their culture and style through their art. Personalities and talent, interest is both the similarity and contrast between the universe be met mentalities + mindsets + the merge = OSMOSIS!